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Welcome to Applebite Media.

 Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. – John D. Rockefeller

Has your business been hurt by the pandemic?

Applebite Media is here to help you get back to business!

We all have been affected by this pandemic in one form or another, we here at Applebite Media are no different. Like you, we are hanging on and trying to get back to normal. We also know that this will not be an easy task so we would like to try to help!

Applebite Media is rolling back our pricing to when I started my first company in 1997. This is NOT an effort to take business from others but to assist those that need the help to get their business back! We can do this as we do not have the overhead and expenses others have. Although we would hope you would like us and stay, there are no strings.

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time. – Henry Ford"

Running 1/2 staff? (or less?) We can take up the slack. We all know advertising is the key and we provide many services.

Services as Typesetting: Newsletters, Brochures, Coupons etc.

Web Development and/or Maintenance services. Let Applebite Media do those daily updates for you and allow you to use your time (or your employee's time) in other areas.

These are just a few services we provide. We are just an email away, all it takes is just one click!

This offer is for those that are barely hanging in there or starting over.

Coming Soon! 2D Animated Promotion/Education/Instructional Video. Here is a sample created for Green Meadow Candle Company.

Design Time

Timed Billing and Account Manager

Built for Graphic Designers, Programmers and Web Developers to track work time to the minute.

  • Perfect for the freelancer and/or a company full of employees.
  • Accurate project time keeping.
  • Accurate invoicing.
  • Accurate Payroll.
  • Color themes, site wide or user selected theme.
  • Add/Edit color themes.


Updated for 2021!

Applebite Media's "Media Organizer"

Still a work in progress and working title, we have changed a couple of things and added a couple of things to the "Media Organizer".

What was added?

  • Cleaner data-driven categories
  • Set to allow 4 categories however this can be changed in the code should you need more or less
  • Delete Image/Listing
  • Database driven color theme(s)

The stylesheet has been converted and started in the update. You will still need to changed the layout(s), info page(s) and stylesheet. Sorry, it is a free version after all.

A paid version is in the works with full administration area, reviews, ratings and more...

Applebite Media Services

Photo / Video

Photo editing is a specialty here at Applebite Media. From simple blemish removal to photo restoration. We have the tools and experience to provide you with the perfect results. More...

Video marketing is a must today! Applebite Media can take you from idea to finished production. Ask about our introductory offer for new clients. More...


Our custom data solutions can add interactivity to you web presence or organize your business needs on your company intranet.

Our core programming is in PHP and is cross server compatible. Complete documentation, training and support is included.More...

Design on Time

Time is money! We understand that when you need your product, you need it and any delay can be extremely costly.

If we say it will be done, it will be done! I have been in the graphic design business for over 30 years and I have never missed a deadline!More...

Do you like good food?

Us too. Check out fafaFoodies!

I basically grew up in a kitchen and have always loved to cook. When I opened NBDesign the 1st program I wrote was a community cookbook. A place for people who love to cook to gather and share recipes and tips.

I have taken that concept and changing the programming to continue on with a fun side project. I hope you enjoy the recipes provided and will maybe add one or two of your own.

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