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Video Services

Video Production and Editing Services

Lights.... Camera.... Action!

In today's world, you do not need to depend on television to air your business's message to the public. Today's world allows you to get your message out to the world at a fraction of the cost.

It's not always about having the best equipment but knowing how to use the equpiment on hand efficiently. Applebite Media can produce a professional, high quality, production on a low budget.

Video Production Services

People love visuals! We tend to watch before we read. Applebite Media can help you create your company or personal vision to show to the world.

* Get a Free Promotional Video for your Business! *

No! This is not a trick, gimmick or scam! Applebite Media will produce a promo video (up to 2 min finished production) for your business NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Well, maybe a string or two. We do require our production credits to be included in the finished production.

Why would we do this? The answers is simple, we need actual "Real World" samples for our marketing package. We are not new to video production or editing, we have been doing this for years. So why no samples to show? Basically, 90% of our editing experience has been in the darker underbelly of the adult industry. We would produce weekly shorts for site promotion and regular video content updates.

So that being said, I will offer 1 FREE production to the 1st 3 companies that contact me. Location is limited, Minneapolis proper only. Click Here to get your free promotional video!

NOTE: Offer is for 1, up to 2 min video, per business.

Video Editing Services

Applebite Media offers full digital video editing services. Using either your supplied footage, or Applebites Production, we will cut, manipulate and arrange your footage to your vision.

We use some of the same software used on big Hollywood productions to bring our clients what is needed to make any production shine like it cost a fortune. Well, we use a variety of different software for our production. Some expensive professional programs and free open source programs as well. Open source software has some amazing features that the big boys charge thousands for. This is an area of focus for Applebite Media and will be expanding on our software and hardware so we can provide the absolute best service a small studio can produce.

Click Here for more information or if you are ready to get started.

Applebite Media only creates a master copy and does not offer duplication services on any production.
Fun Title Screen Sample

This is a fun sample. A little too large and long for a title screen. We went with this one { HERE } but then decided not to use it after all. Too nice to take down though.