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Simple Login

Secure your Pages.

What it is....

A simple yet powerful log in and registration system for your web site. Easy to implement and configure.

Built in PHP7.1, this is a great starting point for any web application you may be creating that requires secure pages, and a user log in. The latest upgrade to our Media Organizer was entirely re-written using this package as a base.

This program is distributed as open source and comes with no guarantee, warranty or liability.

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What it Does....

Below are the basic features.

  • Remember me to keep you logged in even after the session has expired.
  • Secure pages with a few lines of code.
  • Easily add or change the registration fields.
  • User profile page where the user can view and change their information.
  • Redirection and message to any page or a custom page.
  • Expand and modify with ease utilizing the included classes.
  • Written in PHP 7.1

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Planned updates....

I have numerous ideas on what I want to add, too many to mention here. However, there are some things that would require a little more urgency such as....

  • An administration area for user management.
  • Ability to delete users.
  • Email password option.


This is a fairly painless install. Some MySQL and basic knowledge on setting up php scripts on a linux server. Instructions are included within the package.

  • PHP 7.1 (tested)
  • Apache2 Server (tested)
  • MySQL Database (tested)
  • MySQL admin panel for importing the included .sql file.
    (phpMyAdmin is useful for this. tested)
Windows IIS Server Disclaimer:
This has only been tested locally on a Windows 10 Home version IIS server. It mostly works. I do not have some of the technology installed on this server for the password security. I make no guarantees of the functionality on a Windows IIS server without modification.

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There is no Demo for this FREE Product.

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