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PHP Programming Services

Professional PHP Programming Services

Custom Business Solutions

From the large corporation to the small single owner business, no matter what type of business you have, you have needs specific to your business. Applebite Media knows this more than anyone and is here to provide real world solutions built to your specific needs.

Our business solutions are built to run on your company’s local intranet and written with multi levels of security based on your management structure. We program in PHP, a cross server language for compatibility and portability.

Our custom programming is extremely user friendly and we provide documentation, training and full customer service support for all of our custom programming.

Custom Internet Solutions

Applebite Media can help with your internet needs as well.

We offer complete back end solutions for your business or personal internet. We can build your entire front and back end company website. Built to your specific needs keeping your company website as unique as your business.

Custom Plug-Ins

You have everything you need. Your company intranet is running well, your company website is awesome. But now you find you have a special need on a temporary basis. Not a problem.

Applebite Media can create stand alone programming that you can add into your existing website. A prime example of this would be with a past client. We would do survey sheets, polls, and other various promotional pieces that collected data for a convention and visitors bureau. This service included the implementation of the programming to their site as well as the creation of the programming and design.

Website Maintenance

Applebite Media can handle all of your daily, weekly, monthly updates to your website and do routine check-up's to assure everything is functioning as expected, including any preexisting issues.

Random Code Generator

This is a useful and highly configurable function written in PHP.

I wanted something that could create serial numbers for our software in a similar fashion as Microsoft and others where you get blocks of code to enter. This is useful for generating long passwords and allowing the end user to enter smaller, more readable, chunks of code instead of one long number.

Along with the ability to create serial numbers, I wanted the ability to generate random passwords. Where this is not rocket science and creating two functions would not have been difficult or time consuming, why have two functions one can be made to handle various tasks.

The form to the right is a sample of what this function can do. There are various options for data types, the number of characters you want for your code and if you want it generated into chunks or blocks and how many characters you want per block. In this form, I have shown that the input fields can be generated on the fly to save time. It will give the field the array id and you can add something to make it more unique. In this demo, I used the word "code-".

There are 3 data types that do not require any additional information and will generate a random code based on core PHP functions. These are Basic, MD5 and SHA1. These were included for use with other functions and/or encryptions.

Random Code Generator
Data Type for Code
Number of Characters
Block Code
Code per Block

Your Code:

Using Data Type:  (N/A)   -  No. Characters:  (N/A)  -  Block the Code?:  (N/A)  -  Code per Block:  (N/A)