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Digital Photo Services

Photography - Photo Editing and Restoration

Photo Editing, Restoring and Manipulation

Photo editing and photo manipulation is where we shine! From restoring photographic heirlooms to creating a beautiful piece of artwork from multiple images. A prime example of image manipulation would be within our site design.

Restoration sample: Before and After.

Location and Studio Shoots

We offer our photo services for any and all types of business, services or products. We have shot photos for on-line magazines, band CD's and bio sheets, calanders etc.

Location shoots are available but limited. At this time we are not offering "in-house" studio shoots.

Below are a few photography samples.

Studio Shoots

Band Shoots

Calendar Shoot

Location Shoots

Grand Openings

Racing Events

Racing Events

Motorcycle Stunt Shots

Motorcycle Stunt Shots

Motorcycle Stunt Shots

Disclaimer: All Photos Copyright Michelle Brooks and/or Company Owned at the time of shooting. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission only!