In the current state of this program, it will handle movies only. I should go back to "Movie Guide".... But as time progresses and I add more features, audio and e-books are also planned so I modified the name for now.

This program is a simple way to organize and play your personal digital movie, audio or book collection. It can be used on your personal server for your home entertainment center or live on your web site where you need a searchable, well organized, video database.

This is nothing fancy, it dose not pull information or images from the web for you as others do... in fact, the only connection to the internet you need is your host or your local network. No information on the content is sent out to the internet or someone else's database or log file. No suggestions, no advertisements, everything is self contained limiting the amount of your data that is being sent and collected by others. Of course, getting information from Google will trigger their visit logs and be tracked.


  • Cleaner Categories
  • Image Deletion from database and server.
  • Site wide settings including themes, categories, layout more. (No admin section for this in free version)
  • Full screen play button.

This program is distributed as open source and comes with no guarantee, warranty or liability.

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Media Organizer

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