Originally built for Applebite Media, I have taken this and commercialized it for general use.  Perfect for Graphic Designers, Programmers or anyone that charges by the hour for their time that work on a computer.  This is a flexible program that can be used by the freelancer or full studio.

This version has a lot of nice features that will be useful to anyone that bills by the hour. It is easy to install and set up out of the box. It is fairly easy to customized. Admittedly, things may be a bit sloppy in a haste to get this online before the Holiday Season. The focus was on stability over a clean house. Updates will be made available to all paid customers as they are available throughout version 1.


  • Apache2
  • PHP 5.6 - 7.4
  • PEAR
  • MySQL

DISCLAIMER: This has ONLY been tested on Linux servers! Although it "should" work anywhere php works, I make no claims or warranties outside of the Linux environment!

More information and online Demo Here

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Design Time Timed Billing and Account Manager

  • $29.95

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