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Applebite Media Movie Guide

What it is....

A simple way to organize and play your personal digital movie, audio or book collection. It can be used on your personal server for your home entertainment center or live on your web site where you need a searchable, well organized, video database.

Built using OOP (Object Oriented Programming), PHP7.1 and PDO. This allows for very easy modifications. Adding more options for registration or the movies would only require adding the fields to the database and updating the form with the new fields. The code handles the rest.

This program is distributed as open source and comes with no guarantee, warranty or liability.

What it Does....

Below are the basic features.

  • Alternate layouts.
  • Alternate style sheets.
  • Movie title search on Google.
  • Add new titles to database.
  • Search by movie title and/or category.
  • Movies organized with sub folders.
  • Add and edit movie information via web form.
  • Add images via web form.
  • 1 Click search buttons by movie category, date, folder and year.
  • 1 Click Actor, Director search listing all movies with that person.
  • Written in PHP 7.1, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), PDO and Bootstrap 4

New Features (2/1/2018)

  • Basic User Management
  • Cleaner Code and Easier Design Change
  • Switched from mysqli to PDO
  • Added protection from sql injections.
  • An extra layout setting to change the information page.
  • Removed additional layouts in this release. This release comes with the demo layout only.
  • Light and dark color scheme for default layout.
  • One click search for new and unwatched movies.
  • One click Google search for actor or director.
  • Bigger demo database to test features. Some images left out to show default "No Image"... Look for them.

(Larger View)

Planned updates....

I have numerous ideas on what I want to add, too many to mention here. However, there are some things that would require a little more urgency such as....

  • An administration area for movie and user management.
  • Ability to delete movie information and movie images.


This is a fairly painless install. Some MySQL and basic knowledge on setting up php scripts on a linux server. Instructions are included within the package.

  • PHP 7.1 (tested)
  • Apache2 Server (tested)
  • MySQL Database (tested)
  • MySQL admin panel for importing the included .sql file.
    (phpMyAdmin is useful for this. tested)