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Design Time v1.1

Timed Billing and Account Manager


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Design Time - Timed Billing and Account Manager

This program was originally created for myself and Appelbite Media. I wanted something tailored to my needs and planned needs for the future. I wanted my clients to be able to log in and see the production status of their projects. Clients can see if their project has been started and which team member is assigned to it.

The unfortunate side to things, I was just starting to get Applebite Media open when COVID struck. The program, where pretty well equipped with features, is not fully finished as things tend to get added on an "as needed" basis.

But every cloud has a "Silver Lining"!

A New Product is Born!

I decided that maybe there are others out there that could benefit from this as well, so..... I took what I had created for myself so far and commercialized it for the general public and actually added a few more features.

Current Features

  • Great for freelance designer, programmer or full company
  • See which team members are online
  • Online client list
  • Different Departments for Team Members
  • Assign work orders to team members based on project needs
  • Pre-loaded with color themes
  • PHP driven stylesheet with expressive control over color
  • Use a universal style or allow the client/team member to select their personal theme
  • Client area where clients can place online work orders, see who is working on their projects and the status of the projects
  • The team members area has the assigned work orders and their due dates so they can prioritize their time
  • Time is recorded along with a description of what is being worked on
  • All calculations of time totals to the team member and client are totaled upon the completion of the task
  • All tasks are recorded for invoicing and payroll upon work order completion
  • This early release entitles you to a free copy of the next major release v2.0

This version has a lot of nice features that will be useful to anyone that bills by the hour. It is easy to install and set up out of the box. It is fairly easy to customized. Admittedly, things may be a bit sloppy in a haste to get this online before the Holiday Season. The focus was on stability over a clean house. Updates will be made available to all paid customers as they are available throughout version 1.

Recommended for laptops 15" or greater screens. Built at a resolution of 1920x1080 and a 24" monitor. The layout is responsive however the fixed column stays fixed at the moment and will not be readable on phone size screens. Not that anyone would be working from their phone but thought it should be mentioned.


  • PHP 5.6 - 7.4 (tested)
  • MySQL
  • PEAR
DISCLAIMER: This has ONLY been tested on Linux servers! Although it "should" work anywhere php works, I make no claims or warranties outside of the Linux environment!

We encourage you to try our full demo.
It is fully functional except the file upload was removed for the demo. It will stay fully unlocked until it is abused and we post stock data. This demo is hosted on a Linux virtual server using PHP 7.4. As you will see it works as expected.

Our New Online Shop

In an effort to free up time to keep working on the next release of Design Time and other PHP programs here and future programs, all of our downloads, free and paid, can be found in our new online store.

ONLY $29.95


Sample Images

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Administrative Screen.
Assign Team Members To Work Orders.
Client Access Area.
Team Access Area.
Create and Edit Site Theme Colors.
Clients can submit online work orders.
Change site wide settings.
Required information after a new team member or client registers for a log in.