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Computer Generated 3D Characters

Realistic, Standard and Character Type Creations.

4 New Characters Available for Blender!

All characters are supplied as .fbx files contained within their own folder within the .zip file that would be downloaded. These files are very large and would require a high speed connection to download. Since the files take up a lot of space on the server so we will test drive these 4 in Blender format as Blender is open source and widely used.

We have tested each character in blender to assure they are compatible. Where we have Blender and Unreal to test our characters, we are not experts with them so beyond their compatibilities. We have not created a project with these programs.

Because of their file sizes, other supported formats are available upon request.

See and Hear Louie (the Male Dwarf) in Action Here!

Custom Faces

With our face match technology we can create the most unique character of all.... You! Or, you can parody your favorite celebrity, musician or politician with the right image.

Applebite Media can make a custom 3D character from a customer supplied photo. Best results are as the sample shows, neutral expression, lips closed and hair back exposing the hair line.

Fun with Celebrities

Wanting to dive deeper into this feature, I did a quick Google search for some faces that people would know. It was difficult to find images that met the criteria.

Male photos are much easier to find as most women do not get in front of a camera without make-up. Hillary had minimal make-up but as you can see, her eyeliner still shows too well.

Below are a few that I was able to put together for a preview of this service. These are just quick, down and dirty, characters for demonstration purposes only. I am not sure the legal aspect of using a celebrity image without concent except maybe a parody situation. But again, these are here as a demo only.

Anthony Hopkins

Barack Obama

Bill Murray

Hillary Clinton

Robert DiNero

Diversity is everything!

Applebite Media has the technology to provide several body types, states of health and age. From your regular type game character to a more realistic, almost real human quality characters for your CGI animated project and/or video game project.

Ok, compatibility is pretty important too. Right?

Our characters are compatible with the popular game engines such as UNREAL, Unity and Cry Engine. For animation, they are compatible with MAYA, 3DS MAX, CINAMA 4D and blender.

How About Something Out of the Norm!

If you are looking for something more "Creature" like, no worries there is not much we cannot distort, morph, twist and so on. We can create from the slightly mutilated to an interesting non-human type creature. All would start from a human base, as shown in the 4 examples above. Characters like dragons, horses etc would not be available at this time.

Our Characters in Action!

Here is a small demo of our characters in action.

This is to show off our characters in motion, not our animation skills.

This video was rendered through software built for 3D animation. The voice was recorded live during the animation to get a better sync. Once completed, it was taken into Vegas Pro where the voice was modified and our logo added. No other lighting or effects were added.

The Dance Off!

Here is another little sample we are playing with. Mixing 2 characters in a "dance battle", "dance off".... Not sure what the kids call it LOL.

Like the sample above, this was created with 3D animation software, rendered, then taken into Vegas Pro to add music and a couple of effects.

Although it looks like they are in a 3D room, they are actually dancing on a flat photo background. One of those images that worked perfect for this scene.

This is a work in progress. Still a little rough in spots, but it is progressing nicely.

Character Compatibility

3D Software and Animators
  • MAYA
  • 3DS MAX
  • blender
Game Engines
  • Unity
  • Cry Engine


Last Years Model Form
(this one has a custom photo matched face)

None of our realistic skinned characters come with genitals! However, you can have them added should you desire.

UM, Wait!!
We do have one American female that is 100% anatomically correct should you require it.
She is of good quality (meaning she still looks real-ish, you know, last years model...) and can be manipulated to create several different women from this one form. This is a 3rd party form which works with our software. Some things cannot be changed.
Output is still compatible as others.